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At Sporteze we have designed stylish, supportive, and comfortable sport bras for the active woman.
Read what our customers are saying about our exceptional products.

"I discovered the Zip-Front Minimal Bounce Bra several years ago, it is the ONLY bra I will wear while riding or running...is so good that I don't ever feel uncomfortable and there simply is no bounce! I am a life customer!"
- I. Sheets

"I found your bras yesterday...Now that I have arthritis, the zip front is even more vital to me."
- M. Burrowes

"I was overjoyed when I used it for the first time and it worked. I was so happy I didn't bounce. Your bras are worth every cent."
- R. Foote

"The best I've ever tried. I wore mine 15 hours and forgot I had it on!"
- S. Wilson

"I never found a bra that fits so well and it doesn't ride up."
- C. Harken

"I would love to order more of your products. I bought a bra a few years ago and it truly amazes me at how well they work. So now, I use your product strictly. Thanks."
- K. Denham

"I love the scoop back."
- M. Hankinson

"They really work, and they last!"
- C. Weinert

"Thanks, your product keeps getting better."
- L. Mickey

"Until I discovered (the Sporteze) Minimal Bounce Bra, I wore two bras...my new bra is actually comfortable."
- Carrie G., Ohio

"As well as comfortable, the black test bra was attractive, substantial, and opaque enough that our tester said she'd have no trouble wearing it as a midriff top. Our tester gave the Sporteze Minimal Bounce Bra an unqualified A-plus."
- Practical Horseman

"I wore the bra while riding, jogging, and working out at the gym. It does the job and I highly recommend it. It fits and works better than any sport bra I've tried in the past eight years."
- Horseplay Magazine

"Sporteze fabric is so soft and comfortable on the skin. Even in weather at or above 100 degrees it hasn't made me feel uncomfortable. Thank you for developing the Sporteze Bra, I really do love it and have never experienced the shifting and pinching that I put up with wearing other bras. "
- J. Wolfenden